Data Protection Team of the Year 2018

Customer focus, innovation and leading by example. These are the three values on which Wolters Kluwer were awarded the best lawyers on 30 November. Our data protection team won the prestigious Lawyers’ Award for developing the legal content for our Data Hawk GDPR compliance software.

It was a great event in the life of our firm! The award ceremony was a huge thrill for everyone: our data protection team was excited about the award dinner in Várkert Bazár, while the rest of the firm was waiting at home to see if they would bring home the prize. Then the big moment finally arrived, and the winner was announced in the data protection category: the VJT data protection team! Tamás made a short speech to thank the team for the award, which has since been adorning our office meeting room. The team was captured in the memorable video above, which has the special virtue that we have never seen our data protection team dressed up so nicely!

The Legal Awards have reinforced our belief that it’s worth thinking big and investing the time and effort to make it happen. After all, with the Data Hawk, we have created something that is now recognised by a legal award as customer-centric, innovative and exemplary.