Commercial contracts

Contracts are an essential part of everyday business activities, whether they are simple one-time deals, or the result of long complicated negotiations.

A practical approach

Our lawyers always keep in mind that contracts should be practical first, but also stand the test of a possible judicial review. We provide straight forward advice to our clients because we understand that a business oriented-look and tailor-made services are key to long-term business relationships.

Achievement of economic goal

We believe that an accurate contract can contribute to the achievement of our client’s economic goals. For this reason, our contractual language includes safeguards, sanctions and positive economic incentives.

Complete/Full service

We have a deep sector experience covering the full spectrum of commercial and business law issues. Our legal advice also includes answering questions related to advertising, consumer protection, competition law, data protection and intellectual property.

András Lovretity


„Unlike trying to be talented in multiple sports; one is able to successfully excel, equally well, in all types of contracts, be it commercial, distribution, purchasing, agency or franchise contracts.”

Eszter Vezse


„A good full scope contract that also addresses business considerations is the foundation for everything. On such a solid foundation, we can confidently build companies, businesses and properties.”

Clients' testimonials


Once again, the duo of János Tamás Varga and András Lovretity have set the bar high in the M&A field. With dozens of successful transactions behind them, they know that beyond the legal issues ...