The key to transport transformation: harnessing mobility data

The transport sector is undergoing a revolution. Mobility data is transforming transport trends and creating new services, be it car-sharing, e-mobility, public cycling, fleet management or public transport.

Harnessing mobility data is the key to making transport more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, to tailoring it to consumer needs, and to developing a revolutionary transport strategy. The basis of this new strategy is the launch of a data economy, which will ensure free access to data, whether it is government-business (G2B) or business-to-business (B2B).

Complex legal environment

The data environment is very diverse. It is about the re-use and sharing of data such as vehicle data, data of the transport user or public transport data. The field is constantly changing, with many new developments.

The National Data Asset Agency has recently been established, the new data sharing regulation is still evolving, and the formula is further complicated by sectoral transport rules and the GDPR, consumer protection, intellectual property and competition aspects of the data ecosystem.

Companies that are up to date with legal access to data can gain a significant competitive advantage in developing mobility products that meet real consumer needs.

Decades of experience

Data law is a young, vibrant field and we were there at the very beginning. We’ve been building up experience in this area for many years and helping our clients meet the challenges.

Our experience in mobility is combined with specific expertise in various transport industries, including rail and aviation.


In the field of mobility, we provide our clients with a comprehensive, business- oriented and practical legal service.

This includes business considerations of data use, monitoring of transport industry trends, full knowledge of the spectrum of data access options (both at national/EU level), and examination of the whole new data ecosystem regulation (including data protection, consumer protection,  competition law, copyright, and legislation on the re-use of private and public data).

Coverage in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Our extensive network of partners, including leading law firms specialising in mobility, data law, digitalisation and artificial intelligence, provides coordinated legal services to our clients in multiple countries. In the region, we continue to assist one of the world’s leading technology companies with data law matters.

János Tamás Varga

office managing partner

“As legal advisors to global companies developing data-driven products at the world’s technology elite, and with expertise in the transport sector, we are up to date with the latest mobility initiatives and the legislation that affects them.”

Attila Menyhárd


“Today only 20% of data is used in a B2B context, so a lot of data is lost. The regulation is trying to open up the possibility for the person who gave the data to get it back, and perhaps to be able to pass it on elsewhere. The revival of data traffic is expected to lead to huge GDP growth.”

Endre Várady


“The legal compliance of data-driven products requires strategic planning, as there is a wide range of regulations to comply with, and the opportunities are growing every day.”