Dispute resolution

Litigation is not a goal but a tool to promote the client’s interests.

We agree that litigation is exciting indeed, but it should be the last resort and avoided if at all possible. Even a settlement full of compromise may be better for the client than a victorious litigation with a final judgement which cannot be enforced in practice thus with no tangible benefit in the end.

When providing advice, we always keep in mind the interest of our client and at all cost, aim to avoid going to court.

Zoltán Csernus


„If, despite any preliminary negotiation, we are forced to litigate, and we win at the court of first instance, instead of celebrating, we are open to negotiate with our adversary again. Celebration is only for a Supreme Court victory.”

András Lovretity


„We place great emphasis on understanding our clients. When we negotiate with a client, we do not use incomprehensible legal language, and also, we fluently speak the language of the business.”

Clients' testimonials


This year, the Legal 500 European law firm directory has once again highly ranked our firm in several practice areas.
Once again, the duo of János Tamás Varga and András Lovretity have set the bar high in the M&A field. With dozens of successful transactions behind them, they know that beyond the legal issues ...
Every year, in the Legal 500 publication that ranks law firms, more and more excellent opinions are formed about our firm, and more and more of our colleagues are receiving recognition.
In our M&A practice, we catch our star. The publication pointed out that, in whatever segment the transaction takes place, we have an expert in every field.