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Compliance activities are essential for the smooth operation of any company, requiring constant vigilance and adaptability.
Zoltán Csernus participated in the European Employment Lawyers Association’s conference in Reykjavík.
Watch the new Privacy Espresso episode to gain valuable insights on the Hungarian NIS2 compliance from Endre Várady.
VJT & Partners’ privacy team is proud to announce its new membership of PrivacyRules, the world’s first and unique leading professional alliance of data privacy experts from legal and tech disciplines.
This year, the Legal 500 European law firm directory has once again highly ranked our firm in several practice areas.
On 12 December, the Parliament adopted the ESG Act.

At its December meeting in Rome, the independent intergovernmental organisation extended Attila’s membership until 2028. Our colleague has held this position since 2018. The role of UNIDROIT is to harmonise private law, particularly commercial law, mainly by drafting model legislation

On 12 December, the Parliament adopted the ESG Act, a law on the rules of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that takes into account environmental and social aspects to promote sustainable financing and unified corporate responsibility.
"Striving for perfection" - this core value of our firm permeates our work every day of the year. It is in this spirit that we created our New Year short film.
– Written by Andrea Belényi – An EU directive is on the way that is likely to shake up the business world. The proposed legislation aims to put more emphasis on human rights and reduce negative environmental impacts in...
This year, our lawyers János Tamás Varga and Endre Várady attended the Google CEE Legal Hub event in Warsaw, which brought together representatives from law firms working for Google ...
- The Hungarian Legal Approach to Artificial Intelligence - Connecting knowledge and people: according to this catchphrase, Mondaq is a linking platform between experts and ordinary people.

– Conversation with Andrea Belényi – When it comes to whistleblowing, the name Andrea Belényi comes to mind, which is no wonder, as Andrea has a long history of experience in designing and implementing corporate whistleblowing systems. She has assisted

– The cooperation between VJT and the British Chamber – Andrea Belényi and Zoltán Csernus, speakers at the Whistleblowing Breakfast organised by the British Chamber, spoke superlatively about the event. ”The event was centred around the presentation, but before and

It seems like a great tradition that we write the chapter on Hungary for Lexology's "Getting the Deal Through" publication on employment law year after year.
- Exploring Digital Transformation from a Legal Perspective - In his presentation, Attila provided a comprehensive overview of the complex legal landscape surrounding digital transformation.
On 25 May, we will find out what new tasks the compliance challenge of the year will bring. Whistleblowing is upon us! How to build and then operate a well-functioning whistleblowing system?
Once again, the duo of János Tamás Varga and András Lovretity have set the bar high in the M&A field. With dozens of successful transactions behind them, they know that beyond the legal issues ...
Many companies claim to be doing something for the environment, their employees or ethical business practices, but what they are doing is often more in the company’s own business interests.
Chambers’ guide on European law firms ranked our office among the best in Technology (TMT) and Employment for the 13th time, and in M&A for the 11th year in a row.