Our expert’s overview in Mondaq Comparative Guides

– The Hungarian Legal Approach to Artificial Intelligence –

Connecting knowledge and people: according to this catchphrase, Mondaq is a linking platform between experts and ordinary people. The platform offers comparative guidelines intended to help us to get to know how other countries regulate different key areas of the law. Our own experts in this guideline will provide an insight into the Hungarian approach towards AI; what are the advantages and disadvantages for those who want to deal with artificial intelligence here?

So, what is the main particularity of the Hungarian market regarding AI? This is answered in the relevant chapter, where we provide a short overview of the market’s attitude to AI, its research and implementation, together with an analysis of the legal environment of artificial intelligence from the perspective of data protection, labour law, competition law, civil law (especially the liability context), and intellectual property law.

The article is available by clicking here.