Janos Tamas Varga

János Tamás Varga

managing partner

VJT & Partners was founded by János Tamás in 2010. It’s been 10 years since then, but during this time something has not changed: everybody that comes around the office can feel that specific atmosphere his personality creates. Our firm is not an ordinary place to work at, all the more a living space.

As a leader, he lays emphasis on his colleagues to be recognized experts in their area of law, and that they carry those human values which make our team a helpful and converging community.

János Tamás has more than 20 years of experience, All leading international specialized publications classify him as a leading hungarian lawyer in the areas of acquisition, private equity, employment law, and information technology.

He is known for his stern yet pragmatic negotiating style. In his solutions, creativity and business are simultaneously present.
He is comfortably fluent in English.

Professional fields:

Corporate M&A| Data Protection| EmploymentAI & Digitalisation| Outsourcing| Private equity