Dr. Vezse Eszter

Eszter Vezse


Eszter joined our office before her graduation at the end of 2015, her enthusiasm has been unbroken ever since. With us, she has mastered the professional and human values that have made her a really good, dedicated and conscientious lawyer.

One of Eszter’s most important skills is cooperation, which is also a cornerstone of our office. Everyone in the office is happy to work with her because she does the work entrusted to her responsibly, persistently seeking solutions, and always striving for perfection. Her work is praised not only by lawyers but also by clients because with her natural kindness and commitment she has already helped many of our clients settle difficult situations.

Eszter graduated from the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest in 2016. She is fluent in English.

Professional fields:

InsuranceCommercial ContractsReal Estate