VJT & Partners is delighted to share with you the Winter edition of Hungarian Watch

HW Winter 2016

This quarterly issue helps our partners from all over the world to feel the pulse of the Hungarian business climate and to be up-to-date on Hungarian business opportunities. Additionally, our brochure provides you with comprehensive and current information about Hungary, focusing on breaking news in the fields of law, economics and other developing areas, which is currently making a significant impact on Hungarian business life.

Winter edition 2016 is very business-minded. It provides insight into the historic rise of the Budapest Stock Exchange, major call for tenders in the aviation and subway construction sectors, and a high-profile banking privatization deal.

“Hungarian Watch continues to track down the most current and profitable cross-border Hungarian investment opportunities. Many of them have already materialized, which shows that it is definetly worthwhile for investors to keep a close eye on our brochure” notes, Endre Várady, chief editor of the Hungarian Watch.

“We are proud to issue the celebratory 10th edition of Hungarian Watch. Our brochure is still very well recognized by our partners in different countries all around the world. The popularity of earlier issues proved their necessity and the existence of a demand of our clients for such a brochure” commented János Tamás Varga, Managing Partner of VJT & Partners.