VJT & Partners Welcomed to International Law Referral Network

Leading Hungarian law firm VJT & Partners is pleased to announce it has been selected to join the International Law Referral (ILR) as the network’s exclusive M&A member for Hungary.

A proprietary international referral network, the group is designed to assist forward thinking firms by providing new opportunities and a reliable referral service. The focus is on quality, trust and common ideals which creates a hub to encourage recommendations, introductions, networking events and other opportunities to leading figures in the advisory (legal and accounting), business and luxury sectors.

With regards to M&A, ILR offers the advisory community a platform to reach an array of leading organisations. The network helps make its members available to those companies to enter new jurisdictions through a merger or joint venture with an established player, or to help firms target senior management of companies already active in their geography.

János Tamás Varga, Managing Partner of VJT & Partners, commented, “We are delighted to have been invited to join the International Law Referral (ILR) providing, as it does, access to a network of like minded law – and other advisory – firms round the world which may need Hungarian legal advice. It also helps us extend our reach across borders directly to companies which are looking to develop sincere and ongoing relationships with firms in geographies that are possibly less accessible than some.”