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Report on the Global Leaders Forum Annual Meeting in London.

Our firm participated in the Global Leaders Forum this year, where a total of 45 small and large offices dealing with technology rights and data management were represented around the world. This year, Andrea Belényi attended the meeting.

One of the goals of the meeting is to get to know each other both as a person and as a professional, so that the participating firms can work together or recommend each other to their clients if needed. Andrea said that this part was very successful thanks to the joint programs and quick dates, and she met many kind, professional people from all over the world.

Meetings were enriched by presentations and roundtables that addressed the most pressing issues of our time in all countries. For example, there was talk on how the use of artificial intelligence affects data protection compliance, or how legislation can keep pace with accelerated technological change.

“During the meetings and presentations, it became clear that very similar problems are encountered in different countries, at the level of legislation and enforcement for example. It was good to hear about them, to discuss them, I think we all widened our horizons a lot during these two days. As a data management and competition law expert, I was particularly pleased to hear how these two areas of law are evolving in parallel, at the level of legislation for instance.” said Dr. Andrea Belényi. “We will definitely be there again next year.”