Endre Várady was the co-moderator of the online round table “Social Media – Platforms and content”

Report on the Global Leaders Forum Annual Meeting.

Endre Várady, our partner participated in the Global Leaders Forum (GLF) this year for the second time, where leading independent firms dealing with technology were represented around the globe.

Endre was the co-moderator of the online round table “Social Media – Platforms and content”. Endre discussed with participants how platform liability evolved, as well as the outlook of future platform content regulations. Can platforms still defend themselves that they are just hosts with passive, technical and neutral roles after the recent ban of Trump from social media? Shall platform content be similarly regulated as traditional media? These are some of the hot topics discussed – as well as countless others.

“As a lawyer who regularly advises a Big Four Tech company, I was very happy to hear personal experience and international views on this constantly evolving law. It was interesting to see that despite jurisdictional differences, very similar issues arise in different countries. I think such roundtables are always good to widen our horizons and to develop new ideas. It is real food for thought. Both the networking opportunity and professional development at GLF are worth the time and effort” said Endre Várady. “GLF is a true go-to place.”