VJT & Partners has authored the Lexology, Digital Business 2022 guide


A large part of our lives is now dependent on the virtual space. For example, we handle our business and private matters online, we advertise online, we spend money online, and we sign contracts online. Simply put, we spend a considerable part of our lives in the online world. As more and more business is being transferred to the digital space, it has become extremely difficult to get a clear picture among a jungle of various regulations.

As the regular Hungarian adviser of one of the “Big Four” tech companies, VJT & Partners has taken on this challenge and prepared the Hungarian chapter of Lexology’s Digital Business worldwide publication. Our chapter provides excellent legal guidance for those setting up or running a digital business in Hungary or even abroad. How can you conclude a contract electronically? How do you follow your users’ online habits? How do you protect your database? What should you pay attention to when advertising online? The publication answers these and many other practical digital questions.

Since the online world today seems to be borderless, online businesses know no borders either. Only we lawyers must find the borders, and race to keep up with the pace of rapidly changing digital regulations.

If you are interested in the guide, please contact our colleague, Endre Várady.