VJT & Partners is delighted to share with you the Autumn edition of Hungarian Watch

HW Autumn 2015

This quarterly issue helps our partners from all over the world to feel pulse of the Hungarian business climate and to be informed about Hungarian business opportunities. Additionally, our brochure provides you with comprehensive and up-to-date information about Hungary, focusing on breaking news in the fields of law, economics and other developing areas, which is currently making a significant impact on Hungarian business life.

Autumn edition 2015 is very business-minded. It provides insight into breaking news in the field of various sectors, including railway construction, energy, capital market, sports industry and online services. All of them have recently made a major impact on the course of businesses.

“We are happy to celebrate the second anniversary of Hungarian Watch, leaving behind us more than fifty articles to share the Hungarian business culture with our clients. Hungarian Watch is still a pioneer concept. We are proud to take the lead in presenting this new brand in our Hungarian legal market.” notes, Endre Várady.

“Hungarian Watch Autumn 2015 – similarly to its predecessors – represents quality and expertise both in content and outlook. These elements are the key of success of Hungarian Watch – as it is in business”, commented János Tamás Varga, Managing Partner of VJT & Partners.