VJT & Partners is pleased to announce the launch of its new website

New website

We live in a changing world where the internet is gaining more and more influence both on our personal and business lives and this is also true in case of VJT & Partners. However, some values endure even every changes.

The latest iteration of the VJT & Partners website expresses the openness of our firm to new developing changes on the one hand, and the website’s new shape was designed to accommodate to new demands of our internet user clients on the other hand.

The site became even easier to navigate and offers information about the firm’s areas of practice and biographies of the lawyers, as well as commercial law information and news while still including the values of VJT & Partners which define the firm and have made it one the leading law firms of Hungary. The website reflects the shared values of the firm which are at the very core of VJT & Partners’ creativity and ’fresh thinking’ culture.

“These days the internet is one of the most important means of communication, therefore it is essential to have a website on which we can introduce ourselves to our present and prospective clients,” says firm founder and Managing Partner János Tamás Varga. “Our website is redesigned to provide an imposing picture of us with impressive content, while reflecting the values of the firm.”