VJT & Partners Launches Hungarian Watch, a Quarterly Brochure about Hungary

HW Autumn 2013

Leading Hungarian law firm VJT & Partners is pleased to announce that the first issue of Hungarian Watch, Autumn 2013, has been published. Hungarian Watch is a quarterly issued brochure. It contains comprehensive, up-to-date information about Hungary, focusing on breaking news in the fields of law, economics, business and other circumstances, which could have a major impact on the course of Hungarian events.

Hungarian Watch is primarily prepared for those who are thinking about investing in Hungary. The investment perspective runs through this newsletter by leading the reader through the actual Hungarian business climate including current business and investment opportunities.

János Tamás Varga, Managing Partner of VJT & Partners, commented “We collaborate with law firms and investors all over the world. The new quarterly will help them to feel the Hungarian business climate and to draw attention to new business opportunities in Hungary.” Download the publication here.