Fighting corruption is one inescapable issue of our time. Anti corruption is already an integral part of the internal processes of a successful company: it ensures that the company’s reputation is preserved and that business losses and regulatory measures are avoided.

How can I prevent corruption in my company?

By developing a system that filter out suspicious cases

Corruption risks in business processes should be regularly reviewed. Institutions should be put in place, for example through appropriate remuneration and conflict of interest rules. Regular training is also essential.

By operating a whistleblowing that is an internal reporting channel

A well-functioning internal whistleblowing channel should be established, and employees should be encouraged to report attempted or suspected corruption through it. An appropriate procedure for conducting internal investigations should be created.

Questions to which we search answers together

Where are the weaknesses in the company’s operations, and how we can spot them? What to do when you identified the weaknesses? How can we change the way the company operates and its internal management structures? How to investigate complaints and what actions should be taken?

We advise and assist in creating and maintaining anti-corruption compliant business operations

Tailor-made solutions

In the first phase of our work, our aim is to get as familiar with your business operations as possible, and with this knowledge acquired, we will help you to prepare your company with the best and most appropriate solutions for the challenges of anti-corruption governance systems.

Anti-corruption programs

As a next step, we will design and support anti-corruption programs. We will design and create the procedures and prepare the full documentation. We provide training and help for setting up whistleblowing systems and investigate individual whistleblower cases.

Our office is a member of the TRACE global anti-corruption network

Our office is fortunate to work for many years with the TRACE network, the global coordinator of anti-corruption compliance solutions, . By exchanging experience and best practices from around the world, we have not only gained exceptional knowledge, but are also in the position to help our clients to implement and operate cross-border and group-wide anti-corruption solutions through a strong network of professional contacts.

Dr. Endre Várady


“Both prevention, detection and rapid response are key elements of an effective fight against corruption.”

Dr. Andrea Belényi


“Both prevention, detection and rapid response are key elements of an effective fight against corruption.’

Dr. Csernus Zoltán


“Internal whistleblowing investigations may only be conducted if appropriate safeguards are in place, otherwise the business could face penalties.”


On 25 May, we will find out what new tasks the compliance challenge of the year will bring. Whistleblowing is upon us! How to build and then operate a well-functioning whistleblowing system?
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